Local Entreprise Partnerships

Local Entreprise Partnerships

In England, local enterprise partnerships (LEPs) are voluntary partnerships between local authorities and businesses set up in 2011 by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills to help determine local economic priorities and lead economic growth and job creation within the local area. 

The North East has two LEPs, both  offering business support across the region:


Funded by the seven local authorities, the North East LEP is a business-led strategic vehicle committed to promoting and developing real economic growth in the North East.

What is already clear in the two years they have been in existence, is that North East LEP is very different from anything that’s gone before: their role is about influencing, rather than delivering.

They aren’t another regional development agency, but are taking a strategic lead in the regional economy and taking positive action in any way that they can to boost and sustain a fast growing economy.


One of the first LEPs in the country to gain approval from the Government, TVU has a growing reputation as a leading and forward thinking organisation building on over a decade of successful public and private sector partnership working.

Striving to deliver jobs and economic growth across the Tees Valley, the LEP intend to achieve this by tackling barriers to growth, developing key assets and further creating an environment that encourages economic growth and long term prosperity.