Recent Events

16 November 2018

Mentoring Drop-in Session

The final Entrepreneurs' Forum mentoring drop-in session of 2018 takes place on Friday 16th November and we will be releasing details of mentors directly to members soon. Please note - these are one-to-one sessions wi...

15 November 2018

Ecommerce Cluster Group - Meeting #6

As part of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum’s mentoring programme, we have a group of Ecommerce retailers who meet to share ideas, news and challenges from the world of online retail. If you run an online store - even if you...

08 November 2018

Entrepreneurs' Conference: Fortune Favours the Brave

Sponsored by Recognition PR and hosted by BBC journalist and presenter Charlie Charlton, Fortune Favours the Brave is your chance to hear from inspirational speakers who are both leading and doing great things to grow dy...

30 October 2018

Member Event: Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs

PLEASE BRING YOUR CHILDREN! We’re passionate about encouraging future entrepreneurs and, if your children are anything like ours, we think they might pay more attention to someone else sharing their business experienc...

19 October 2018

Curry Night

Our curry nights are a great chance to enjoy a relaxed evening out with fellow business owners. Book now to enjoy an evening of good food and good company. Pay on the evening.

18 October 2018

MIND: Managing Mental Health at Work

Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence and so we’re working with Tyneside and Northumberland MIND to give you an introduction to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Tyneside and No...

16 October 2018

Member Event with Elaine Warburton, QuantuMDx

There is no more ambitious and lofty a goal than empowering people around the world to help control and eradicate disease and reduce suffering, but that’s exactly what Elaine Warburton and her co-founders at QuantuMDx ha...

11 October 2018

Focus Dinner with Keith Miller, Miller UK

You’ll struggle to find anyone working in the construction industry that hasn’t heard of Keith Miller’s business. As inventor of the world’s first ever fully automatic, universal pin grabber coupler range in 1986, Mil...