Together we can take on the world

Together we can take on the world

Built up over the course of a decade, we have a proven track record of helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through inspirational events and our highly successful mentoring programme.

With a passionate belief in the power of entrepreneurship, we believe by working in collaboration, grasping opportunities and helping entrepreneurs build businesses that can change the world, we have an incredibly influential recipe.

That's why 'Together we can take on the world' is more than just our strapline; it’s our call to action.

Whatever stage of business you’re at, if you’re looking to make progress then 'speak to people who’ve done it all before' is what all of the entrepreneurs we meet would say. But finding the right person isn’t always that easy.

Mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes - whether it’s a long-term relationship or a specific answer to a specific question from an entrepreneur who’s been through the same experience.

There are no guarantees but, with over 300 successful entrepreneurs to choose from, the aim with our online entrepreneurial ‘matchmaking’ service is to get you started - to help you find a kindred spirit who could offer you support and guidance. Or to find someone who could benefit from your wisdom and experience. It’s a two-way process.