Seminar Reveals Cloud's Silver Lining

Posted on the 5 February 2010

Seminar Reveals Cloud's Silver Lining

Forward thinking IT experts made full use of the opportunity to learn more about the future of computing at a recent major North East seminar. As befits any gathering of advanced technology pundits, there were plenty of intriguingly named software programmes to discuss, and a couple of Star Trek references thrown in for good measure.

Invited by Steve Caughey, CEO of Newcastle based innovator Arjuna Technologies Ltd, delegates for the Cloud Seminar at Middlesbrough Football Club were treated to a detailed exploration of this exciting new development, guided by those working at the cutting edge of technology. Cloud computing is set to revolutionise the world of corporate IT and this seminar offered all the necessary information for those wanting to take full advantage of everything it can offer businesses now and in the future. With cloud computing, hosted facilities are delivered over the internet and are fully flexible; almost instantly a company can have as much or as little service as they require. Sophistication and expenditure is tailored to need, allowing IT capacity and associated budgets to be maintained more efficiently than ever before.

An impressive line-up of select industry speakers included Simon Davies of Microsoft, Andrew McLellan of Onyx and Sage’s Mike Goodwin, each of whom detailed the impact the cloud is having on their organisations and their customers.

Steve Caughey, who also spoke at the seminar welcomed all attendees with a summary of recent reports on the press anticipating massive growth and change to the sector. He talked of the benefits that cloud computing offers by increasing the agility of the enterprise but also stressed the risks to organisations and IT departments who fail to realise that the ground is shifting under their feet. He also outlined Arjuna’s own unique cloud computing product; Agility, intended to assist organisations utilise cloud computing with the minimum of disruption to existing service.

Simon Davies from Microsoft then took to the stage to discuss the cloud’s value to businesses, particularly promoting the cost efficiency of such systems. Mike Goodwin, Principal Technical Architect at Sage UK then offered a case study examination of his company’s successful introduction of cloud computing and the benefits they had identified for serving organisations of various sizes. Andrew MacLellan of Onyx summarised by providing an insight into how the cloud infrastructure which they provide their partners and clients works- and why embracing the new methods are so important.

He told delegates: "Business agility and cost control is so important now. Gone are the days when you indiscriminately buy IT hardware and software to fulfil a business requirement. Modern organisations are looking for a flexible and dynamic infrastructure, provided as a service, and that's what cloud computing is all about.”

The combination of talks achieved a broad overview of the cloud computing environment based on infrastructure, platform and software as a service. Responses to the event have been highly favourable. Speaker Simon Davies commented:

“Microsoft is a leader in the emerging field of cloud computing and we were very happy to support this event. Cloud computing will provide many opportunities to organisations, large and small in the future and it was good to see so many people in attendance understanding and discussing how to best build on this.”

Mike Goodwin said: “As a global company, headquartered in the North East, it was great to support an event to promote thought leadership and forward thinking in the region in an exciting and high tech area like cloud computing. It was good to hear the views of the other speakers, but even more interesting to see the diverse cross section of people attending the seminar and to hear their questions and views on how cloud computing will affect their organisations.”

Reflecting on the discussions CEO and chairman of the seminar, Steve Caughey concluded: “Arjuna plan to continue to run seminars, visit organisations and talk about the benefits of cloud computing. This is a revelation which will change the way IT is consumed. Our message is; Don’t fight it, join it, become the cloud of choice for your consumers.”