Silvermoor Haylage launches new product putting horses’ health first

Posted on the 5 October 2017

Silvermoor Haylage launches new product putting horses’ health first

Silvermoor Haylage is announcing the launch of two new products Silvermoor Swingers and Treatsies, with the help of a Leader Programme grant from the Rural Development Programme for England.

The grant, worth a total of £76,140, amounted to 40% of the total project and has helped the Alnwick-based equine company develop new healthy alternatives for horses, set to launch in November.

Silvermoor Swingers will be the first swinging forage block on the market. Current blocks available can be consumed at a fast pace or contain excess sugar which is bad for a horse’s diet and can result in harmful habits and health conditions. The hanging, swinging element of Silvermoor Haylage’s new creation means that the horse will be able to graze, continually consuming small portions of feed over longer periods of time.

The Silvermoor Treatsies range was created to provide healthy treats for horses, which are low in sugar and starch. Silvermoor Treatsies come in two flavours, Turmeric and Chamomile, and are made from natural ingredients.

The company has been producing haylage since 1992, and in its present form since 2005. The farm grows and processes all of the grass it uses in its range of products and has used experts such as Peter Schofield, of Oliver Seeds, for growing advice, vet Lesley Barwise-Munroe for feeding expertise and also Clare McLeod, who is an independent equestrian nutritionist.

Over the next five years, the business aims to add more new, healthy, innovative products to its current offering. To support its growth plans, it also aims to purchase a new site and build a new premises.

Silvermoor Haylage is also one of twelve businesses taking part in the inaugural Entrepreneurs’ Forum Scale-up Leader’s Academy, which is a 50-hour programme. Spread over 12 months, the Academy has been designed for business owners who are running high-growth companies and want to scale-up at a faster rate through the programme’s workshops, coaching, mentoring and learning sessions.

Ralph Thompson, managing director said “Adding Silvermoor Swingers and Treatsies to our current product range will enhance and strengthen our current offering. As well as increasing sales with our current customer base, it will help us to engage with new customers and expand the company’s customer portfolio.

“We’ve applied for a patent for Swingers as it will be the only hanging forage block on the market, which we’re extremely proud of. We’ve received some great feedback from the trials it’s gone through and talking to our customers, so we have every confidence that it will help to take our company to the next step.”

Gillian Marshall, chief executive of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum added, “We have a strong, diverse range of entrepreneurial businesses operating in the North East, and it’s important that we have a system in place to support the growth ambitions of the region’s companies.

“The Scale-Up Leader’s Academy is the ideal way for entrepreneurs to come together with likeminded people who have the ambition to grow their business quickly. It helps them to identify and overcome the barriers to scaling-up and to build a clear plan that will allow them to achieve their vision and goals.”