Entrepreneurs Sign Up For Ghana CSR Project

Posted on the 12 September 2018

Entrepreneurs Sign Up For Ghana CSR Project

A group of North East entrepreneurs are traveling to Ghana this December to learn as much as possible about grass-root entrepreneurship at village level – and they’re looking for more people to join them in their quest to raise and distribute £5,000 to good causes.

The project – launched by Madventurer founder John Lawler – will see the group spend time with as many people from all walks of life and really get to know the community at a deep level. They will then use this knowledge to decide how best to allocate grants and loans to spread the wealth and investment from your fundraising.

The aim as a team is to raise and utilise up to £5,000 into good causes. Each participant will be asked to set up a JustGiving page for project donations (£500) which will all go to the projects they will visit whilst in country.

Part of the trip will be to familiarise participants with the cocoa Industry, the main occupation of this area – how it operates, who does what, what support is available for farmers – and apply this knowledge during your stay to an existing network of farmers who need financial support, guidance and ideas on how to scale up their productivity.

Five to ten families/entrepreneurs will be identified to support with the project. Funds will also be used to support start-ups such as a seamstress in the village of Shia who wishes to start a business to support her family and other rural business ideas.

Participants will also get a chance to engage with local schools, donate educational supplies and sports equipment and take part in community events. At the end of the one week trip will be a cultural adventure to visit the amazing castles and beaches Ghana has to offer along with some downtime to reflect on the experience, network with other entrepreneurs and recharge for the trip home.

The group will fly out to Ghana on 1st December and return on Saturday 8th.  The costs of the trip, excluding flights, is an initial registration fee of £250, with all participants asked to raise at least £500 via JustGiving, and a final balance of £510 (total cost £1,260 plus self-booked flights from Newcastle to Accra).

All information, including a downloadable pdf of the trip and a promotional video, can be found at the following: www.madchallenges.com/ghana and enquiries can be made directly to chief@madventure.com