Recent Events

21 January 2021

2021 The Year of the Entrepreneur

As we enter the new year with renewed optimism, drive and determination to succeed, we started to think what would it take to make 2021 the year of the entrepreneur? In this online event, Forum chairman James Robson MBE...

10 December 2020

Christmas Social: Big Forum Quiz of the Year

To celebrate this Christmas, And a much-needed break, We’re inviting you to our social, To catch-up over Christmas cake. So bring your Santa hat, and your festive cheer, and join us on Zoom, for the Big Foru...

01 December 2020

Webinar: Objective Setting for Remote Teams

Leading and managing remote teams may be new to many of us, but not at Visualsoft where a forward-thinking and innovative approach to remote working has been a major part of the business since 2014. Having identified...

27 November 2020

Mentoring Drop-in Session

Whatever stage of business you are at, speaking to people who have done it before can help; but finding the right person isn't always easy. Our mentoring surgeries aim to help. Confidential one-to-one sessions, they give...

27 November 2020

Online Social Event: Coffee and Catch-up

While we can’t socialise in person we can still get together online and catch up over a cup of coffee. Join fellow entrepreneurs and the Forum team on Fridays, 11am – 12noon.

26 November 2020

Webinar: Board Effectiveness

Update 2nd November: This event was originally planned as a round table discussion and has now changed its delivery to a webinar. Bringing strategic focus and direction to an organisation, the benefits of having a str...

19 November 2020

Online Exchange Event: Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation - it may be another contender for corporate lingo bingo but purposeful disruption matters. By being agile, responsive and proactive, developing better products and making products better, disruptiv...

18 November 2020

eCommerce Group - Meeting #14

Our final eCommerce group of 2020 gives those operating online stores the chance to come together and enjoy topical discussions, share ideas, news and challenges from the world of online retail. If you run an online s...