Highly dynamic markets challenge business and disrupt customer behaviour, providing entrepreneurs the chance to bring innovation to their markets and find new and creative opportunities.

These strategic choices require leadership to chart a way forward with a key team, seeing the vision then galvanising the business to deliver a plan.

With that in mind, we have brought together key information, specialist advice and subject expertise as you begin planning your business’ future.

Online Events

In addition to sharing inspirational entrepreneurial stories, we are running a series of events which will help you lay the foundations now for sustained growth in the future.

These will be delivered through a variety of different formats including online group discussions, one-to-one mentoring, knowledge exchange events and more.

Visit our events page to view all upcoming events.

Top Tips and Advice

• Forum member Nevil Tynemouth, New Results: The Future of Business Development

• Forum member Graham Sleep, IA Growth: Planning for the Future

• Forum partner Nadine Hudspeth, Gateshead College: Improving Internal Communications

• Forum member Laura Weaving, Duo Consulting: Leading During Times of Change

• Forum member and partner Russell Croisdale, Encore Group: Adapting to Change

• Forum member Dan Smith, Ringtons: Responding to Changing Customer Needs

• Forum member Samantha Vassallo, Horizon Works: Adapting to a Changing Landscape

• Forum member Laura Weaving, Duo Consulting: Leading During Times of Change

• Forum member Graham Robb, Recognition PR: Protecting Your Reputation During a Crisis

• Forum member and partner Kieron Goldsborough, Narrative: Navigating Uncertainty with Clear Communications

• Forum member Charlotte Nichols, Harvey & Hugo: Keeping Your Communications Consistent

• Forum member John Burns, Diamond Group: Building for the Future

• Taking a Considered Approach to Leadership from the Forum team

• Friend of the Forum Simon Hartley, Be World Class: Video on Visual Leadership


If you need mentoring support, please contact Michael Dixon at the Entrepreneurs' Forum at michael@entrepreneursforum.net, or by phone on 07734 925 971 and we will endeavour to connect you with someone.

Key Information

• Teesside University: Leading Growth Programme

• Teesside University: Management Catalyst Programme

• Deloitte: The Heart of Resilient Leadership Responding to COVID-19

• North East Growth Hub: Coronavirus Toolkit

• Tees Valley Combined Authority: Online Support

• UK Government: Advice for Employees, Employers and Businesses