We're Stronger Together

We're Stronger Together

The inspiration and helping hand we offer to entrepreneurs has transformed many organisation's strategy and fortune, but we can't claim to have done it on our own.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we're constantly working in partnership with like-minded people, business experts, corporate companies, academic institutions, business support organisations, local Government and other national entrepreneurial networks.

By bringing together this range of experience and expertise, only then can we create a truly dynamic and supportive 'eco-system' here in the North East that helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses faster. 

If you're not an entrepreneur but are part of an organisation that would like to help North East business owners thrive, then please get in touch about any of the below partnership opportunities:

Corporate Partnership - sector exclusive relationships where we work closely with you to raise awareness of the ways you help North East entrepreneurs.

Exchange Membership - a unique way to immerse CEOs and senior managers who wouldn't traditionally qualify to join the Forum in entrepreneurship. 

Event Sponsorship - partnering at one of our high-profile events not onyl aligns your business with supporting entrepreneurship, but offers unrivalled exposure among the North East’s most successful business owners.

Business Support Partnership - if you run programmes that support North East businesses, but find it challenging to build positive long-term relationships with key decision makers, then working together could be the perfect solution.