What people say about us...

"The events at the Entrepreneurs' Forum are second to none. Whenever I go to an event, I come away feeling like I've had a shot in the arm and I can achieve anything."

Alice Hall Pink Boutique

"It's a great forum for established businesses to constantly challenge themselves, see the direction of travel for the future and to gain connections with likeminded business owners."

Ben Quigley Everything Different

"Being an entrepreneur is lonely at times, not everyone understands your drive and passion or understands your vision. Being part of the Entrepreneurs' Forum has given me the inspiration, direction and support to be the best that I can be."

Helen Short Absolute Quality Consultancy and Training

"You need to get inspiration, creative thoughts and ideas and personally, I think the Entrepreneurs' Forum is the best place for that, I always take something away from any event, no matter what it is."

Gill Burgess R//evolution

“No matter how big your business is, the Entrepreneurs’ Forum can help you grow, learn and understand through mentoring programmes, and through their programme of events. The confidence and support you get from other entrepreneurs around you is phenomenal."

Melanie Brown Design Direction

"I’m the fourth generation to lead the family business, I find that there is always something to learn at the Forum’s events, and it’s fantastic to be see how the Forum is inspiring entrepreneurship in the North East region.”

Charlie Hoult Hy Hubs

"I think the Entrepreneurs’ Forum is fantastic. It’s the only networking group in the region where it’s got such a disparate group of people, where entrepreneurs come to discuss their businesses and the problems that they’re having, and to share their experience. I think it’s an invaluable group."

Katherine Hay-Heddle Ward Hadaway

"If the Entrepreneurs' Forum could be replicated throughout the UK we would have a stunning economy. What a dynamic group."

Justin Urquhart Stewart Seven Investment Management

"By chatting to people who took a particular interest in Trend Bible, it made me a lot more ambitious and helped me to think ‘big. It's the kind of experience I could never have afforded as a small business but it's something I've been able to benefit from."

Joanna Feeley Trend Bible

"At one stage I felt like both I and the business had been torn apart and put back together again with a great new business strategy and would recommend it to anyone really wanting to move their business onwards, upwards, into new areas or to explore ways of running a business more efficiently and increasing profits."

Claire Glynn Webpromoter 360