Explain To Lead Cancer Research Project

Posted on the 19 July 2010

Explain To Lead Cancer Research Project

Explain has been appointed to carry out two cancer awareness measurement (CAM’s) projects with a combined value of over £100,000. The quantitative studies will be conducted across NHS Medway, Kent, Hull, The East Riding of Yorkshire, North Yorkshire/York and Lincolnshire; a combined total of 8,800 interviews across 8 PCT's.

Quotas have been applied to ensure a representative mix of ages, socio-economic groupings (SEG's), genders and ethnic groups, in-line with PCT population statistics.

The CAM study is designed to measure symptom awareness among the general public at regional and national level and it was developed by Cancer Research UK, University College London and University of Oxford in 2008. Survey results will guide the development of specific interventions to encourage health seeking behaviour and act as a baseline from which to measure improvement. Results will be presented in the summer and our work in both regions is part of an on-going partnership.

Kim Davis, research director, commented: “Along with other new contracts we have won, these two new projects have given revenues in the first quarter of the financial year, a real boost. Explain is now a well known brand across the UK health sector and we have seen excellent growth in the south of England. We know budgets will come under increasing pressure and it is vital we remain focussed on sectors of health that still need front line support.”