Marketwise Strategies Shows Graduates The Wise Career Move

Posted on the 13 June 2010

Marketwise Strategies Shows Graduates The Wise Career Move

Specialist market research company Marketwise Strategies is proving that graduate research careers outside academia can be a wise career choice after taking on Durham University Masters student Laura da Costa.

Newcastle-based Marketwise Strategies is dedicated to recruiting the brightest young minds in the region, and does so through its extensive work with the region’s universities.

By engaging students through talks and attending career events, Marketwise Strategies is helping the next generation to consider challenging and rewarding careers in North East SMEs.

It was during such a talk by Dr John Gibson, research executive at Marketwise Strategies, that Laura from Belgium heard about working in commercial market research.

Laura, now employed as an audio transcriber for the company, is accessing invaluable work experience whilst also reinforcing her understanding of her current studies - an MA in Research Methods.

Marketwise Strategies managing director Jacquie Potts said: “There are many career opportunities outside of the laboratory for postgraduates, and we want to highlight the possibilities.

“Laura’s role is vital within our business, transcribing for focus groups and interviews are a fundamental part of research. I am sure she will prove herself to be an asset to the company and the experience she is gaining will also hold her in good stead when she graduates.

“Marketwise Strategies will continue to work closely with Higher Education and I hope that we can help provide many more bright futures for bright minds.”

Marketwise Strategies audio transcriber Laura da Costa said: "Working with Marketwise Strategies has been an eye opening experience for me. Each piece of work provides me with an increasingly tangible idea of what a career in market research involves.

“It has given me invaluable insight into innovative methods, a rich variety of projects and sectors and perhaps, most importantly, shown me the type of person you need to be to contribute effectively to such a successful, ambitious team."

Dr John Gibson, a recent PhD graduate himself, is a shining example of what careers in leading edge market research can offer.

He said: “I have been at Marketwise Strategies for almost two years now. During this time, I have had the opportunity to get involved in some tremendously interesting and exciting pieces of work in a wide range of sectors. My job is to research the interaction between ideas and evidence, by trying to source patterns of regularity to prove or disprove a theory. It is a groundbreaking area of work.

“I am keen to make sure that the postgraduate students are able to gain an insight into how their own high-level research skills could be applied to a more commercial, private sector, small company setting.”

Meanwhile, research executive Dr John Koshy took part in a recent ‘In conversation with . . .’ event at Newcastle University where he spoke to graduates about how he is using his own PhD research skills outside academia.