Industry Leaders Share Their Digital Marketing Tips with North East Entrepreneurs

Posted on the 9 April 2019

Industry Leaders Share Their Digital Marketing Tips with North East Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs’ Forum invited three industry leaders to share their digital marketing tips at the Forum’s first exchange event for 2019.

The event focused on digital marketing for business, with Kieron Goldsborough of Narrative, Joe McEwan, former UK Head of Brand at innocent smoothies, and Steven Parker of Digital Allies offering their digital marketing tips for North East entrepreneurs.

Host Kieron Goldsborough started the event by defining digital marketing in 2019, highlighting the importance of creating a digital marketing strategy, and in establishing a consistent voice across a brand’s digital channels.

Kieron advised business leaders to hone their brand’s message, platform, and audience before then defining their key performance indicators.

“It’s only when you start to consider these things, that you can think about the tactics you’re going to use to target your customers, what you’re going to say, where they are, and what success will look like.”

Kieron then addressed data, focusing on what you measure and how, before introducing Joe McEwan, former UK Head of Brand at innocent smoothies.

Joe, who was appointed innocent’s first Communities Manager, and was responsible for establishing the brand’s engaging and witty tone of voice, gave an overview of the history of the smoothie brand, before advising entrepreneurs to “learn by doing” and to “stay small as you get big”.

Reflecting on his career at innocent, where he progressed from being a ‘People’s Champion’ (a customer service representative), to becoming UK Head of Brand, Joe shared the lessons he’s learned from working at one of the largest – and quirkiest – brands in the UK.

“There was no such thing as a social media strategy when we started creating innocent’s social media platforms,” Joe commented, adding, “Social media was still brand new. I was given the freedom to experiment and to learn by going out there, doing it, and seeing what happens.”

For innocent, which had pushed boundaries from the beginning, it was reactive-style marketing, responding as and when things happened, that delivered results (and still does).  

“I do think there is a huge amount to be learnt for any business, particularly in the digital space, by just trying different things. It’s okay not to know exactly what you’re looking for.”

In the final session, Steven Parker of Digital Allies complimented both Kieron and Joe’s presentations, delving deeper into how to measure data correctly and exploring how data can be used to inform your marketing efforts.

“Don’t take your analytics at face value,” Steven advised, adding, “Question how accurate your data is, look for spikes, dips and flat-lines. Too many people make ill-informed decisions based on inaccurate data.”

Also acknowledging that content is always competing for attention, Steven advised entrepreneurs to experiment with the medium of their content, and to “think outside the box”.

“There’s so much content posted at one time and as marketers, we have to make sure we create content that captures people’s attention at the right time. Digital marketing in 2019 is about thinking differently.”

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