Charlotte's Latest Blog: Harvey & Hugo 10 Years on...Spot the Difference

Posted on the 25 July 2019

Charlotte's Latest Blog: Harvey & Hugo 10 Years on...Spot the Difference

Harvey and Hugo founder Charlotte Nichols has shared her latest blog, where she tells us how things have changed over the 10 years since she started the business.

Following on from an article I wrote as the business celebrated its fifth birthday, I thought I’d recreate the photo for the tenth anniversary and have more spot the difference fun!

So I’ll start with the glaringly obvious (I hope!). Unfortunately my beautiful border terrier, Harvey died in Summer 2017. Those of you who don’t have pets will never understand the massive gap they leave in your lives. Harvey was special. Perhaps it was just my age, but I remember feeling a bit lost in life until him and his brother Hugo came along. As crazy as it sounds, they really did inspire me to set-up my business. At least his legacy lives on.

Hello world
After years of trying, my dreams came true and I had a baby girl in January. She is my proudest achievement and absolute priority in my life. I’m proud that I have built a business that will allow me the flexibility and finances to support her through life. The passion for my business hasn’t faded with the new arrival. In fact, I’ve found more. I’m determined to set an example, like my mother did for me, of a strong working female.

I’m pleased to report that this little chap is doing well. He’s sporting a bow tie in this photo as he’s now a professor of his own training academy, Hugoversity. (It’s gone to his head!)

Everyone I meet lately says the same. I smile wider these days and I think it’s evident in the new photo. The reason for this is not just the new arrival. I’m so grateful for everything I have in life. Granted, I work extremely hard for most things, but some things simply come down to good fortune and I feel very lucky to be blessed with love and health.

Looking back at the photo of me in 2014, I look ill! I was definitely working too hard and not looking after myself well enough. I also had various food allergies unknown to me at the time which probably didn’t help. These days, I’m very conscious about my diet, fitness and general well-being. Health is so precious and paramount to a happy life, not to mention a thriving business.

I got married in 2015 and have an amazingly supportive husband. It must be very hard being married to a business owner with all of the unsociable hours and stresses that you can’t help but bring home with you. My parents are also incredibly supportive, as well as my work family, The Pack.  

Stay tuned for the next edition of spot the difference coming to you in 2024!