Wood Fuel Business Lights Flame on Winter Warmth

Posted on the 3 December 2019

Wood Fuel Business Lights Flame on Winter Warmth

An eco-fuel trader is bringing a warm glow to customers as it enters its third winter of business.

Billingham-based Burnside Wood Pellets launched in 2017 to tap into growing interest in wood burning stoves and biomass boilers.

But after a tricky first year, with wet winters restricting supplies, Burnside is gearing up for its busy period by expanding its product range, including timber logs in wooden crates which can then be broken up and used as kindling.

David Nicholson, who launched the business as part of The Nicholson Group, said: “The first year was difficult because this was a new market for us where demand very quickly outstripped supply. We brought in 100 tonnes of pellets into our warehouse and expected that to last us until the spring. But the entire stock went in three weeks.

“Last winter, we were better prepared and were able to build up a steady base of repeat customers across the UK. Not just homes, but to businesses such as bars and restaurants. The wooden crates are idea as kindling and it means there’s no waste and no plastic packaging so it is an eco-friendly product.”

Burnside is the latest venture within the Nicholson Group, which nurtures and builds businesses within the transport and logistics sector. It operates via an e-commerce platform to supply demand from homes using wood burners, stoves and biomass boilers, as well as customers using the chips as bedding for horses.

All of the wooden pellets are entirely UK grown and sourced from virgin wood meeting environmental and supplier standards. The timber logs are available in full pallets to last a season and half pallets for more occasional use.

Mr Nicholson added: “The Nicholson Group is all about building businesses for the future. We had to adapt quickly when we launched the firm but have learned from that to gain an advantage in what is a very competitive market.”

For more information about Burnside, visit www.burnsidewoodpellets.co.uk