Restarting Your Business Development Activity

Posted on the 5 May 2020

Restarting Your Business Development Activity

Nevil Tynemouth is an international speaker, author, and co-creator of the psychology of consumer and seller behaviour. His 30 years of commercial acumen and commercial experience from starting and scaling his own business, New Results, means Nevil is ideally placed to give real-world business advice about growing and developing your business and your people.

Many organisations are looking to restart or ramp up their business development activities. Getting this activity right both in terms of tone and approach are critical during lockdown. Here are 5 simple tips to think about when it come to your business development activity and approach. 

1. Park what you know (or thought you know) and really start to understand what is happening with your clients (the world is changing rapidly you need to really dig in and understand what has changed).

2. Understand clients (and potential clients) short and medium terms strategy and needs as the timescales and focus have shifted. 

3. Focus on existing clients. Their needs have changed; services and products they wouldn’t have considered previously may now be on their radar. A simple service matrix can help you identify gaps in what you know about your clients. 

4. Create a specific target list of those clients you want to work with and ask yourself which of your existing clients could refer you in, who in your network could connect you to them and how can you approach them yourself. 

5. Think relationships and trust. This has always been critical, now, more than ever building a relationship and growing and developing trust is key. 

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