Expanding Your Brand Reach

Posted on the 7 May 2020

Expanding Your Brand Reach

Charlotte Nichols is the founder and ‘pack leader’ at Harvey & Hugo where their passion is telling stories (the story of you, your business and not only how you do what you do, but why). Understanding that your story might change and adapt, Harvey & Hugo can help your audience not only hear and see it, but feel it. After all, who doesn’t love story time?

A global pandemic is a situation no business could possibly have expected when we lived through the longest January in existence (remember those days when we thought it was the worst thing that could happen this year?).

But it’s happened, and while it is likely to lead to another recession, what can you do to help your brand?


For anyone who joined the recent Hugoversity session on PR in a Pandemic, you’ll know that now is the time to build your brand, not hide it. Invest in it, don’t slow it down it.

It’s difficult to imagine that spending more money at a time when you may be losing customers, furloughing your team or even making redundancies could be beneficial. But trust us, it is. 


Before the Coronavirus turned the world upside down, everyone was going about their merry way advertising, sharing stories, getting along nicely.

Then it hit. Your competitors withdrew their advertising. They disappeared. But you stand firm, the only one that customers can see. The one surrounded by nothing but space and grabbing all the attention. That’s great and enough, right? Well, there are still two empty spaces that your competitors can snap up, possibly drowning out whatever you’re saying.

By increasing your advertising, marketing and PR you are taking up even more space, and in doing so reducing the available space for your competitors.


It’s about being seen. Being known. Being remembered. While there is space, while people are at home scrolling through the news, social media and the internet more than ever, make sure it’s your brand that they are seeing above anyone else’s.

Take the extra (figurative) billboards and see how your Excess Share of Voice (ESOV) can go through the roof.

For more information about how you can build your brand any time - not only during a recession - throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or info@harveyandhugo.com and take advantage of our free brand audit service to see where you can start.