Listen to Episode Eight of the Talking Future Podcast

Posted on the 2 December 2020

Listen to Episode Eight of the Talking Future Podcast

We’re excited to bring you a new Talking Future podcast episode.

Created by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, Talking Future focuses on the lives and work of North East entrepreneurs, their views of the future and how they are innovating as they plan ahead.

In our eighth episode of Talking Future, Yvonne Bell speaks to Natasha Boulding, co-founder and CEO of Plastech Innovation, Durham University's first student spin-out, about the world's sand shortage, tackling plastic waste and the future of the construction industry.

About Natasha Boulding

With an ambition to "put yesterday's plastic into today's technologies", Plastech Innovation take undesirable post-consumer plastic waste (the type that is sent to landfill or for incineration) and process it into novel aggregate for use in construction materials. 

Plasteach Innovation are Durham University's first student spin out. As CEO of the business, Natasha leads a small team that has gone on to win many global awards.

About Yvonne Bell

Yvonne Bell comes from a background in transport, where the Bell family company spans 4 generations.

During her career, Yvonne spent most of her time in the Mercedes Truck, Van and Car franchises, mainly heading up the marketing function and generally steering the company through the growth that, by the time it was sold in 2017, meant it covered the North East Region from Teesside up to North Northumberland with a staff of almost 200.

Outside of business, she has always been keen to get involved in other things such as community and Hospital radio presenting, local magazine editing, audio editing for a local historical Trust and being instrumental in the setting up a local gym specifically for wheelchair users.

As a long-time member of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, she was pleased to be asked to take a seat on the board a few years ago where she is able to offer her own business experience to other members.

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