Scale-up Leader's Academy

Helping ambitious business owners to prepare for sustainable high-growth, the Entrepreneurs' Forum's Scale-up Leader’s Academy will enable you to scale sustainably with the support of your peers and a clear strategic plan.

What is it?
Spread over half a year, the Scale-up Leader’s Academy is a programme of dedicated support that will help you prepare to grow your company faster and more sustainably through a mix of:

  • Inspirational events
  • Gazelle International scale-up coaching
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring support
  • Action-led workshops / learning

Who is it for?
The Academy has been designed specifically for business owners who are running growing companies with a recommendation that they employ at least 10 members of staff, who would like to scale-up. If you employ fewer than 10 staff but are confident your key people would be able to attend the sessions we run for them, you may still wish to consider the Academy.

Is there a cost?
To join the Scale-up Leader's Academy costs £3,000 +VAT for members of the Entrepreneurs' Forum.  Membership costs £520 + VAT per year.  Subject to certain criteria, you may be eligible to claim funding for up to 50% of the programme cost.

When will it be?
The fifth cohort of the Scale-up Leader's Academy will begin January 2021.

How can I apply?
You can apply for a place in the next cohort by completing our online application form here.

What will the programme cover?
With a mix of scale-up coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring for you, and relevant business expertise and inspiration for you and your senior management, the Scale-up Leader's Academy will give you a valuable insight into how successful organisations have scaled-up and engage your team along the way; allowing you to implement change immediately and transform the way you work. The Programme >>

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Scale-up Leader's Academy

For more information, or to discuss the Academy in more detail, call the any of the Forum team on 0191 500 7780 or