Our Promise

If you join the Scale-up Leader’s Academy, we promise: 

  1. To raise your aspiration and help you grow your business quickly and sustainably.
  2. To help you prepare your company for major growth by understanding what the scale-up journey will involve, the challenges ahead and some of the tools that can help you on your way. 
  3. To explore the biggest barriers to business growth, looking at the impact in each area once you are successful in achieving your growth ambitions. 
  4. To examine what your organisation needs, what must change and how you can develop an actionable plan that helps you to cope with the change scaling-up brings. 
  5. We won’t tell you what to do, but we will get you ready to scale-up and at the ‘starting-line’ with peer support around you and a clear strategic plan so that you can succeed in achieving your business goals. 
  6. To continue providing you with inspiration and a helping hand long after the programme is complete.


By joining the Scale-up Leader’s Academy, you promise:

  1. To attend all Scale-up Leader’s Academy sessions. 
  2. To be open and honest with yourself, your coaches and mentors and within the group. 
  3. To commit to at least two actions during each scale-up session, that you will implement and report back to the group on. 
  4. To provide data on your company’s performance and complete research and feedback forms throughout the programme, to help us monitor and evaluate the Academy’s impact.

For more information, or to discuss the Academy in more detail, call the any of the Forum team on 0191 500 7780 or info@entrepreneursforum.net.