Scale-up Leaders' Academy

Helping ambitious business owners to prepare for sustainable high-growth, the Entrepreneurs' Forum's Scale-up Leader’s Academy will enable you to scale sustainably with the support of your peers and a clear strategic plan.

What is it?
Spread over half a year, the Scale-up Leaders’ Academy is a programme of dedicated support that will help you prepare to grow your company faster and more sustainably through a mix of:

  • Inspirational events
  • Gazelle International scale-up coaching
  • Peer-to-peer mentoring support
  • Action-led workshops / learning

Who is it for?
The Academy has been designed specifically for business owners who are running fast-growing companies with at least 10 members of staff.

Is there a cost?
To join the Scale-up Leader's Academy costs £3,000 +VAT, and includes one year's membership to the Entrepreneurs' Forum.

When will it be?
The fourth cohort of the Scale-up Leader's Academy will begin January 2020.

What will the programme cover?
With a mix of scale-up coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring for you, and relevant business expertise and inspiration for you and your senior management, the Scale-up Leader’s Academy will give you a valuable insight into how successful organisations have scaled-up and engage your team along the way; allowing you to implement change immediately and transform the way you work. The Programme >>

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Scale-up Leader's Academy

For more information, or to discuss the Academy in more detail, call the any of the Forum team on 0191 500 7780 or