Remote working is increasing as a means of practising social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Led by business in response to calls from the World Health Organisation, it is having a daily impact in helping manage the spread of coronavirus.

Unless you or your colleagues have attempted remote working before, you may come across a few bumps in the road, for example, loosing track of project progression due to a lack of regular meetings, frustrating communications due to poor telephone connections or delays in delivering projects due to lagging communication from all team members.

That’s why here at the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, we have put together the best guidance and advice surrounding using technology to help you maintain productivity both individually and as a team.

Key Information

• North East Growth Hub: Coronavirus Toolkit

• Tees Valley Combined Authority: Online Support

• UK Government: Advice for Employees, Employers and Businesses 


If you need mentoring support, please contact Michael Dixon at the Entrepreneurs' Forum at, or by phone on 07734 925 971 and we will endeavour to connect you with someone.

Peer Group Support

We are running a series of conference calls and video calls to bring Entrepreneurs' Forum members together in small groups. This allows us to help each other and share key information, but importantly to give you a peer group to speak to during challenging times.

Please visit our events page for upcoming conference and video calls with experts and peers.

Top Tips and Advice

• Forum member Jayne Hart, The HR Dept Newcastle: What You Need to Consider When Asking Employees to Work from Home

• Setting Up and Running Virtual Meetings from the Forum team