Bruce Durham


Huddle Culture


Managing Director


With over 230,000 subscribers and followers across all social media platforms, and an astounding 12 million+  views of his videos, Bruce Durham is in demand as keynote speaker, facilitator and Key Person of Influence within his area of performance psychology and empowering people to be the best them.

Bruce, with his unique delivery style and well known energy that engages audiences all over the globe, delivers keynote speeches and seminars across critical Human Performance topics as

Think Feel Act – How you can improve everything instantly, by learning to be more human

Body Language For leaders – By seeing more of what’s NOT being said, you create a higher performing team with more psychological safety

Empath – How to empower people to deliver AND process feedback more empathically resulting in a more connected and higher performing work force 

Bruce also regularly appears in national newspapers, on radio shows and award winning podcasts for his in depth knowledge around all things human. He is also well known in the combat world as fighting psychology is also a passion of his.





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