What People Say About Us

The events at the Entrepreneurs' Forum are second to none. Whenever I go to an event, I come away feeling like I've had a shot in the arm and I can achieve anything.

Alice Hall, Rowen Group

No matter where you are on your business journey, the Forum and its amazing network of people will always inspire!

Dean Benson, Visualsoft

It's a great forum for established businesses to constantly challenge themselves, see the direction of travel for the future and to gain connections with likeminded business owners.

Ben Quigley, Everything Different

Being an entrepreneur is lonely at times, not everyone understands your drive and passion or understands your vision. Being part of the Entrepreneurs' Forum has given me the inspiration, direction and support to be the best that I can be.


Whether you are starting up, scaling up or considering growth through strategic partnership, merger or acquisition there are members who have been there, got the t-shirt and will be able to offer sound advice. Being a CEO or Senior Director can often be a lonely existence and the opportunity to discuss key issues with people not directly connected to the business and gain quality impartial advice will deliver value for you personally and for the business. I cannot recommend the Forum highly enough.

Alastair Waite, Altec Engineering

The best part of the Forum is its strong network cheer-leading for the region’s growth companies with stories of how to build your business by learning from others.

Charlie Hoult, HyHubs

The Forum allows me to share my experiences with others and at the same time enables me to learn from my fellow entrepreneurs. 

Nigel Mills CBE, The Lakes Distillery

The Entrepreneurs' Forum has been ace! It's given me heaps of support whilst scaling Wander, it's allowed us to reach out to other members and create some super strong connections and opportunities. It's pretty damn cool tbf!

Chloe Clover, Wander Films

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