The Entrepreneurs' Forum helps, nurtures and supports our members to grow their businesses faster through the altruistic sharing of experience.

The unique nature of our membership - which spans the ages and stages of business life - means that there's always someone who has been there and done it; someone who has the first-hand practical knowledge you need.


By becoming part of our unique community, you will regularly meet with like-minded business leaders - the change makers of the North East economy - who can help you to drive your business forward.

Picking up new ideas, finding solutions to business problems and connecting with the right people to help you to reach your goals is what it's all about; and why joining the Entrepreneurs' Forum is one of the best things any business owner can do.

Entrepreneurs' Forum membership is not like a typical business membership, it's personal.

Helping you to both grow as a leader and a business, if you're looking for one-to-one support you can benefit from talking to those who have been there and done it already through our successful mentoring programme, but if you prefer a larger peer group of like-minded people, you also have exclusive access to our annual programme of over 35 inspirational events.

By sharing your company's news with our community, you not only get the chance to raise your business' profile, but will also have a positive influence on our region by giving us more ammunition to tell the world about more of the North East's entrepreneurial success stories.

All of our members are owner-managers of North East based businesses. They are people who take risks, innovate and continue to drive their businesses forward; creating jobs and wealth across the region.

Open to all sectors and industries, to be able to join you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must work full-time on your business.
  • You must be ambitious and committed to business growth.
  • Your current annual turnover must be at least £250,000.
  • You must be the founding managing director, CEO or principal of the business with a significant ownership interest (listed in 'Persons with significant control' on Companies House).

Founding directors or partners may be allowed membership at the discretion of our board. We will also consider applications from:

  • Serial entrepreneurs with a track record of successfully growing businesses.
  • Entrepreneurs leading fully invested high-growth potential companies at an early stage.

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Entrepreneurial membership costs £520 (+VAT) annually.