“It's really a beautiful thing”

“It's really a beautiful thing”

“It's really a beautiful thing – being a member of the Forum has had a massive impact already. I've promoted people in my business because of it,”

I'm Sam Spoors, the founder and the Managing Director of Talentheads.

Talentheads works as the internal recruitment team on behalf of growing businesses. We go into businesses and work as their brand, with their values and their culture.  We find, identify, and bring in the right individuals that are going to stay within their business.

And what made you access the mentoring programme?

For me, it's quite lonely being a leader. I think there are certain things you can share with your team and the certain things that you shouldn't share. I think having the exposure of people who have walked in your shoes and are more advanced in their business journey than you are really beneficial.

I want to surround myself with people who have the knowledge that I haven't, being able to ask them ‘did you feel the same, how did you get over certain hurdles?’. I think mentoring is great to get someone who is experienced and able to share some hints, tips and techniques that are working for them.

What is the one quality you need to be able to work with a mentor?

Everyone talks about growth mindset, don't they? I think it is about being open minded and not thinking that you know everything. I think you've got to embrace the fact that people have opinions, stories and experiences that can help you. It's definitely about wanting to succeed. I jumped at being mentored. I said, ‘Just get me in front of some people who know what they're doing and can teach me a few things’. As soon as I saw Alice Hall's name on my invitation I accepted.

Would you recommend mentoring to other members?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I think the theoretical side is all well and good. You can read books and listen to podcasts, but it’s about people. Having that one-on-one contact and talking it over. It's about your issues and what's happening with your business.

I'm also taking part in the Scaleup Leaders’ Academy. Sometimes it’s all a bit overwhelming. There is always so much to do when running a business but the Academy and mentoring make me feel as if I know what I'm doing and I know what the purpose is. I'm going back to the foundations of the business and growing it in the right ways.  I have loads of new ideas and can work strategically now. I've promoted people in my business because of it. It's really a beautiful thing – being a member of the Forum has had a massive impact already.

Michael is great, very organised - he gets us in the right places at the right time doing the right things. All the materials are provided, the books, the recommendations. I love the fact that we can take our team to some of the sessions too, directly investing in them. Absolutely get in touch if you’re even considering some time with a mentor!

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