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Read Our Spring 2021 Member Magazine

Our Spring 2021 Member Magazine is now available to read on Issuu.

We published our last member's magazine in January 2020 and have been patiently waiting for the right time to publish another. And what better time than now, with the end of social distancing in sight and we can look forward to bringing members together again in the coming months?

We don’t often assign themes to our member magazines but this time we made the exception. We knew that our chosen theme had to accurately reflect the determination and optimism our members have shared with us over a challenging 2020. 

The theme is ‘Year of the Entrepreneur’ which is not our wish for 2021 but rather a shared goal for the months ahead. 

The last 12 months have proved that, by working together, we’re capable of achieving fantastic things within our region - and you’ll find plenty of examples of this throughout this magazine and every day on our website, www.entrepreneursforum.net

The region is becoming a hotbed of innovation, with businesses from the Tweed to the Tees developing products and services that solve the challenges of the future. Some have recognised at our 2020 North East Entrepreneurial Awards (page 6), while others have been the focus of our podcast, Talking Future (page 24). 

To accommodate these businesses, the region has secured millions of pounds worth of investment to build new exhibition spaces and science and manufacturing parks, attracting more businesses to the region and firmly putting the North East on the map. More details about some of these projects are available on page 34.

These stories show that there are many exciting developments happening here in the region. Opportunities to build and scale businesses are emerging all across the region - and the Forum is here to help you grasp them. 

The magazine is available to read on Issuu.