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Boxing hero Glenn McCrory reveals he faced homelessness after hitting ‘rock bottom’

BOXING legend Glenn McCrory has revealed how “two years of hell” left him on the brink of homelessness.

A former world champion, the 59-year-old later became one of the voices of British boxing as a Sky Sports pundit.

Yet like thousands across the North East, Glenn faced the devastating prospect of losing his home after a court case descended into the biggest fight of his life.

He had faced sexual assault charges having been accused of touching the arms of waiting staff at a dinner in which he was the guest speaker.

A jury cleared Glenn of all three counts. 

However, work dried up as did Glenn’s life savings – and it was only down to the kindness of his landlord that the North East’s first ever world boxing champion avoided being made homeless.

“I know what it is like to hit rock bottom as I lost everything,” admitted Glenn.

“I was in the hands of the crisis team and my weight plummeted to what it was when I was just 19 - there was a point where I had a bag of rice to live on for a week, and I was relying on my gorgeous niece to bring me shopping.

“My landlord was brilliant. I couldn’t afford my nice flat, but he was so supportive and told me to sit tight until I got back on my feet, but everything just fell apart.

“To not know what your future holds, or where your next meal is coming from is absolutely terrifying and not something anyone in 2024 should be going through – but the worst part is that more people are experiencing this than ever before, and from every walk of life.”

Desperate to help others, Glenn has now teamed up with the charity CEO Sleepout to raise awareness of the plight facing an unprecedented number of families and children in the UK.

Despite the Government pledging to end rough sleeping by this year, the cost-of-living crisis means more Brits are homeless than ever before. Since 2010, rough sleeping alone has rocketed by 74 per cent.

With record demand for services that help the homeless, CEO Sleepout stages annual sleepouts for business leaders to raise vital funds to support them.

Last year, CEO Sleepout raised £850,000 nationally for homeless causes and is kicking-off the 2024 fundraising drive with an event at St James’ Park on March 21. 

“Glenn’s story is heartbreaking, but it also acts as a stark reminder that everyone can be just a few steps away from being made homeless,” said the charity’s CEO, Bianca Robinson.

“For many with good careers and families, the cost-of-living crisis has turned the once unthinkable notion of losing their home into a bleak reality.

“As Glenn said, this simply shouldn’t be happening in this day and age. But it is – and it is happening to people from every walk of life.

“Nobody is immune from homelessness, so we all need to play a part in trying to 

“That’s why we are encouraging as many business leaders in the North East to brave the cold at St James’ Park. It is just for one night, but it will hopefully give you a greater appreciation for just how hard life is for thousands of people every single day.”

But for Glenn, who plans to take part in the Newcastle sleepout, he needs no reminder as to how difficult life can be when facing the prospect of being made homeless.

“People see those in the public eye and think they must have a great life, but anyone can have their world pulled from under them in a heartbeat – and I’m living proof,” he added.

“You could lose your job, savings or family - or just become unwell - and the downward spiral starts.

“I’ve had a horrible time. These last few years have been hell, and at times, I didn’t want to live. But now I’m focussed on helping others and doing what I can to at least make sure people have a roof above their heads at night.

“And I want to help change attitudes. After my trial, people would shout up ‘let me know if you need anything’ and assume everything was fine – what they didn’t know was that I really needed some shopping.

“We assume people are alright. We assume people aren’t suffering. But the reality is that we don’t know how that person next to you really is – and what they are going through.”

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