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SeerBI Wins UK Government Grant for Innovative International Trade Platform

SeerBI, a pioneering force in the realm of international trade automation, is thrilled to announce that it has been awarded a prestigious grant as part of the UK Government and Connect Places Catapult recent £18 million TRIG competition to foster innovative transport solutions. This accolade recognizes our latest endeavor: the expansion of Flytta into a comprehensive Decarbonisation Platform, marking a significant leap forward in our commitment to environmental sustainability and trade efficiency. 

Innovating for a Sustainable Future 

In the latest phase of development, Flytta transcends its original capabilities, evolving into an all-encompassing Decarbonisation Platform. This breakthrough platform not only simplifies customs declarations but innovates beyond by calculating, monitoring, and showcasing real-time carbon emissions and savings achievable through Flytta‘s utilization. With an interface crafted for user accessibility, it offers clear, actionable insights into the environmental footprint of logistics operations, empowering users to make informed decisions towards sustainability. 

A Milestone for Environmental Stewardship in Global Trade 

SeerBI’s CEO, Owain Brennan, expressed excitement over the grant win, stating, “This recognition is not just a testament to Flytta’s technological advancements but underscores our unwavering commitment to integrating sustainability with global trade. By providing tangible insights into carbon emissions, we aim to drive a paradigm shift in how logistics operations approach environmental responsibility.” 

The grant, part of the UK Government and Connected Places Catapult initiative to support innovative solutions in transportation, aims to catalyze projects that can make significant contributions to decarbonizing the sector. SeerBI’s project was selected for its potential to set new standards in environmental sustainability and efficiency in international trade. 

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