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The Connection Story - research project launches to explore human connection at work

The Connection Story is an action research project dedicated to understanding and
improving human connections at work. The project is this week launching an open
survey and is making a shout-out for businesses in the region to take part.

Led by Di Gates of Stick Theory and backed by a group of senior consultants and people leaders from across the region, The Connection Story aims to build insights and stories that will drive discussion and innovation around the creation of happy, high-performing hybrid teams.

For Di, the project is based on her long-held belief that teams with a deep human connection and high levels of trust are capable of achieving extraordinary things.
“In my experience of running and working with organisations across all sectors, I’ve found that highly connected teams are essential to help organisations innovate and make change happen.

They also help people feel safe and stay healthy which, in the midst of an evolving mental health crisis, is more important than ever.”
Research backs up the scale of the challenge facing leaders right now in recruiting, retaining and engaging talent, and it also signals a stark increase in mental health problems in the workplace.

According to McKinsey, the top three factors employees cite as reasons for quitting their jobs are that they didn’t feel valued by their organizations (54%) or their managers (52%) or because they didn’t feel a sense of belonging at work (51%). To add to this, MIND estimates that 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health difficulties this year, with poor mental health now estimated to cost UK employers up to £56 billion a year (Deloitte).

Di believes that change is needed urgently, and that change should be based on insights, not assumptions.
“It’s critical that we understand the impact our fast-changing workplace is having on human connection, so we can design spaces and cultures that are safe, joyful and productive.

Our open survey is a really important part of building our understanding, and we will share the results with people and organisations that can help to lead and support this change.”

The survey is now live at until Friday 16th December and results will be shared in January 2023.

As well as the open survey, The Connection Story is driving discussion and innovation through three other key areas of activity:

This identifies eight key dynamics that impact human connectivity at work and can be used as a starting point and measurement tool for research and discussion inside organisations.

A suite of workshops to help leaders and teams explore the future of work Currently being delivered for rural business leaders in partnership with RDCIP.

Both Sides of the Desk is a video podcast series under development with Charlie Charlton and Chris Taylor, sharing stories of workplace innovation inside a number of leading North East organisations and institutions. Launching 2023.

Di is keen to hear from anyone that would like to get involved -

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