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Unique Magazines Publish Latest Blog - The Art of Being Seen: Transformative Gifts for Every Team Member

Providing your staff with a personal gift shows them they are more than just the role they perform at work but are an essential and interesting part of your business, with a unique perspective to offer on life. We pride ourselves in offering gift vouchers, to allow your valuable team members to choose their own subscription or single issues, based on their interests, easily and accessibly via our website.

Beyond the Office: Valuing Connections and Well-being in the Workplace.

Humans are wired for connection, and ultimately, all we ever want is to be seen, heard, and understood as we move through life and engage in relationships of all natures. In our lives, we will likely have a number of connections, which serve different purposes.

In a study from Our World in Data, it is suggested we spend most of our days working and sleeping. Together, paid work, housework, leisure, eating, and sleeping take up 80–90% of all the 1440 minutes in a day. This highlights the importance of a positive work environment, in which our human desires and needs are met.

When your staff feel valued at work, they will feel more motivated and encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities, growing their confidence and initiative in tasks, which will result in more positive feedback from clients, therefore encouraging growth.

Outside of work your team members will have hobbies and interests, which build their passion and fire. The way they spend their free time truly reveals who each staff member is at their core, and that is why providing them with a magazine that supports this will show your staff that you care about them in and out of work.

From Vision to Vanguard: The Journey of Unique Magazines and Our Commitment to Our Team.

Our managing director, John, started our business in 2002 with a vision to provide people of all ages with easy access to a vast range of printed magazines that are informative, engaging, and educational. Through his passion for this, mixed with a vision for exceptional customer experience, Unique Magazines was born.

Through John’s 30 years of experience in the industry, he deeply understands the importance of taking care of his staff; without them, his ambitious goals would be difficult to achieve. He sees the difference it makes when the staff have a passion for keeping his visions alive and this starts with the way they are treated.

At Unique Magazines, we have been the home of magazine subscriptions for over two decades, with over 2,000 magazines available through our online store. The genres of these magazines vary, offering anything from Fashion, Photography, and Art to Travel, Home, and Crafts, and that is truly just scratching the surface of our treasure chest of gems.

Gifts That Ignite Passion: Transforming Appreciation Through Magazine Subscriptions.

We believe the gift of giving a magazine subscription is like no other. It is an explorative and creative way of saying, ‘I truly see and care about the things that interest you. I also want you to keep reigniting that fire inside and allow you to keep growing this hunger for knowledge.’ It is the gift that keeps on giving, especially with our offers of subscribing to magazines for up to a year, so the gift is continuous and impactful.

We aim to encourage others to dive into the things that excite them, whether that be classic cars and home baking or a love for music. Our magazines can be a portal for discovering your true love for life, outside of work, and carrying this joy and love into your day-to-day life.

This could be for a Christmas gift to celebrate the year, staff birthdays to show you care, anniversaries for the dedicated time they have spent with you, or even as an incentive for promotions. A study from Tremendous shows 75% of employees experience a boost in job satisfaction for 3 or more months after receiving the right gift, specifically at holidays such as Christmas or Easter. It truly does show that they are appreciated.

You can trust us.

We have been personally trusted and chosen by businesses like PrenaxHope & GloryNike and Inditex as well as many schools and libraries, to provide magazines to their offices and for their clients.

Gifting your staff with something out of the ordinary shows them the effort you are willing to go to in order to show them they are valued.

Show your staff you care, with their very own gift voucher.


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