Scale-up Leaders' Academy Alumni - Gill Burgess

The Scale-up Leaders' Academy has been fantastic for me. Here at r//evolution, we had been growing, but I wanted to accelerate this growth and was looking for a ‘blueprint’ that could help.

The Gazelles approach used throughout the Scale-up Leaders' Academy is clear and very focused - just what I was looking for. The combination of taught content and peer discussion has been very powerful and has meant that I’ve gained practical tips that we’ve implemented pretty quickly and relatively easily, as well as a strategic overview, covering the core areas of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

There is still a lot we have to work on, but having this toolkit is certainly making a difference.

Overall, I’d certainly recommend the Academy to any business owner who is committed to growth. For me, it has been time well invested.

The peer support has been invaluable, and some of us are already talking about setting up an informal group that we continue after the main programme has finished, so we can continue to help one another.


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