Scale-up Leaders' Academy - Louis Freeman

Louis Freeman, head of operations and business development at The Fun Shack Group, attended the Scale Up Leader’s Academy in 2019 and the course gave him a comprehensive understanding of the areas within the business that needed to be focused on.

Despite being forced to close because of the Covid-19 pandemic shortly after completing the course so unable to implement much of what was learnt in the immediate aftermath, Louis said he came away with a stronger skillset to make people accountable.

“A lot of other businesses have the same struggles, so it is great to chat to other entrepreneurs to hear different ideas and solutions,” he said. “You don’t often get the opportunity to engage with local business owners and there aren’t many forums for open discussions about business.”

Business owners often find that they take on too much, which is something that Louis recognised and found the Scale Up Leader’s Academy helped with.

“Personally, it was a really good experience to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly. I was trying to do too many things myself as I like to be in control, but that is not sustainable so needed different systems. It gave me a stronger skillset to make people accountable.”

Top three takeaways

  1. Review systems in place to enhance sustainability - Looking at business functions at granular level and putting systems in place to help the business run smoother and help you not over strain yourself.
  2. Exploring different ways to grow and expand a business – Lots of different strategies to discuss and learn from others. I wouldn’t have necessarily thought of them myself
  3. Networking and meeting other business owners – It is good to talk and share problems and ideas. They understood, which was enlightening as well as just a great experience overall

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