Scale-up Leaders' Academy - Michael Beaton

For Michael Beaton, founder and CEO at Newcastle-based Corterum, the Entrepreneurs’ Forum’s Scale Up Leaders’ Academy gave him the ability to take a step back from the day-to-day running of the business and focus more on strategy.

Michael attended the Academy which ran from January to June 2020 and has since seen the headcount at his business more than triple – although he admits that the Academy wasn’t solely responsible.

Our headcount has tripled.  It wasn’t all down to SULA, but the Academy did introduce new ways of thinking that helped accelerate our growth curve


“It was not all down to SULA, but the Academy did introduce me to ideas and ways of thinking such as having discreet discussions about corporate culture. When you set up a company you don’t even know corporate culture is a thing, but then you realise it one of most important elements of business,” he says.

“It introduces different ways of thinking and while you would be exposed to them over time, the course increases the gradient of the learning curve.”

It’s non-competitive, very open and a really good learning experience


The Scale-up Leaders’ Academy is run by the Entrepreneurs’ Forum, a membership organisation made up of 300 business leaders with a combined turnover of £2.6bn. According to Michael, it was this extensive network that made his attendance on the course worthwhile.

“Getting immersed in a different environment with people who’ve done it, sharing the journey with people in a similar position and making the same errors – it’s a great sounding board,” he says.

“It is non-competitive, very open and a really good learning experience.”

If this sounds like something you and your business would benefit from, complete the application form to register your interest.

Top three takeaways

  1. The importance of culture and how to go about building it
  2. Objective and goal setting. This was a great session that looked at strategy and how you break down into goals and assist with that process
  3. Reading the right books. There was a great discussion around good books to read because there are so many books out there, but not all relevant.

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