The Programme

The Academy will build your own leadership skills and it will ensure your team are not left behind.   

With a mix of scale-up coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring for you, and shared business expertise and inspiration for you and your senior management, the Scale-up Leaders' Academy will give you a valuable insight into how successful organisations have scaled-up and engage your team along the way; allowing you to implement change immediately and transform the way you work.

You'll also be given recommended readings and podcasts to further your learning along the way.

Scale-Up Coaching (For Entrepreneurs):

The Scale Up coaching sessions are run monthly throughout the course and are for the entrepreneurs only.  Each session follows the Verne Harnish Scaling Up methodology and will give you practical tools and actions to implement in your own business.  Working with your peer group you'll be supported to make the changes needed to grow.   You must be prepared to do your homework if you want to see the benefits of the Academy. 

The 6 sessions planned for 2024 are:

  • Introduction / Growth Mind-Set
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Cash / Finance for Growth
  • People & Talent
  • Execution & Implementation
  • Building a 'One Page Strategic Plan'

Inspirational Workshops (For Entrepreneurs And Their Senior Team):

Our workshops have been designed specifically so your team can embed the learnings of the programme more quickly.  You will attend alongside your senior leadership team ensuring that you are all learning and building leadership capacity together. 

For 2024, we plan to run 3 workshops, each lasting a half day as follows:

  • World-Class Teams
  • Culture and Values
  • Sales Masterclass

You Will Also Benefit From:

  • being matched with an experienced entrepreneur who will provide you with peer-to-peer mentoring support throughout the programme.
  • upgrade to Premium Entrepreneurs' Forum membership for 2024, giving your team access to all of the Forum's workshops and member events (maximum two guests at each event, who must be from your company).
  • a place at the Entrepreneurs' Forum's showcase May conference (Together We Can Take on the World) for a day of scale-up inspiration.

For more information, or to discuss the Academy in more detail, contact Michael Dixon on 0191 500 7782 or

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