Andy Greener




Managing Director




Immersed in the digital industry since 1999, Andy operates with the strong belief that technology should enable people to work and communicate more effectively together to achieve better results and create positive impact. This is the base ethos that his company operates on.

Clients include the International Centre of the Red Cross, the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining and Northumbria Police developing mobile tools that are affecting positive changes to the way these organisations operate (to cite but a few). Andy invests continually in building team-wide knowledge in nascent technologies such as Drones/UAVs and AR (Augmented Reality).

Having founded Komodo in 2003 and worked with a diverse range of industries over the last 20 years, Andy takes an objective, collaborative and consultative approach to client challenges, forming 'people friendly' solutions that meet organisational OKRs instinctively.

Andy strives to be the least talented individual within Komodo and has succeeded, the quality and calibre of the team at Komodo is his biggest achievement.

Always open to meeting EF members over a coffee.




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