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Managing Director





David Cliff is Managing Director of Gedanken.

But…behind the title is a man who thrives on using his decades of experience, including senior manager posts across the public and private sectors, to help to make a difference to the lives and careers of others.

David’s 30-plus years of experience in business and executive coaching, mediation, counselling, organisational support and individual personal development hasseen many thousand hours of face to face practice with people from virtually every work and management discipline. His experience well-places him to coach leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals. He takes a particular interest in those facing strategic issues, including programmes of change or undergoing a significant personal transition.

During his career, David has experienced working in legal services, insurance, health and social care, counselling, psychotherapy, and business support.

David became Managing Director of Wearside-based Gedanken in 2006. As well as this post, and his position within the IoD, David is an enthusiastic non-executive director of Tyneside-based Adept Communications and Technology. He has also sat on a number of boards, holding the chairmanship of a policy Home Office Policy Group. He is a Trust Board member of Durham University’s Josephine Butler College.

His career in health and social care has included management of services for the NHS and for Durham County Council. A lifelong learner, David has a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA), and continues to work to supplement his knowledge, including current Professional Doctorate studies in Leadership.

Away from the workplace, and sometimes within it, David is a supporter of a number of charities, as well as being passionate about issues such as promoting business growth, civil rights, arts and culture, animal welfare and social justice.

David is also an enthusiastic writer and regular contributor in The Journal and on platforms such as HR Zone and BQ. Subject matter has included anger management (including the reasons behind Luis Suarez’s infamous biting incidents), HS2, the future of the North East economy, and the correlation between mental well-being, performance and technology.




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