Malcolm Humble


Arian EMS


Managing Director


After taking OPSOL UK a contract electronic manufacturing business from start up to over £5m turnover Malcolm sold the business to move on to other projects.

In December 2016 he joined a Hebburn bases business that was heading towards administration. Within 6 month the company had stopped haemorrhaging cash and after presenting business improvement plans including serious investment the customers that were planning to move their business had been convinced not to.

Trading started in ARIAN on July 1st 2017. Moving the business into a new factory in Ashington, investing over £1m in setting up ARIAN EMS Ltd and saving 26 jobs they now have over 40 employees. In the first 18 months performance has beaten plan, taking in 12 new customers sales have increased by over 84% since start up.
"We have very happy customers, suppliers and employees and with a further investment in our 4th surface mount production line we are positioned to continue the growth" said a confident Malcolm Humble.

ARIAN take product through prototype to volume production with a robust NPI system feeding in cost reduction and quality improvement using DFM and supply chain management.




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