One Day – One Action Plan

27 November 2014, 16:30 - 19:30

Time Central, Gallowgate, Newcastle NE1 4SR

A Masterclass with Pete Wilkinson, IronMan Attitude

Strategies and business plans – they’re the bricks and mortar in building a commercial organisation. But how many business owners have plans that address their personal goals and set the vision for them to fulfill their own potential?

Typically, entrepreneurs operate instinctively and the daily demands of running a business don’t always allow the time for ticking a checklist of personal progress. Busy, however, doesn’t always mean effective. Many business owners know deep down that remaining focused on key objectives is a challenge; for others, finishing the week without feeling fulfilled is far too common.

When professional people feel frustrated because they know that they are not working at their potential it can be damaging to their business and their senior management team. A major challenge for people is make the most of themselves.

The key is keeping it simple: developing a personal one page action plan that identifies the consistent actions required to achieve the desired result.

Professional business coach and motivational speaker Pete Wilkinson will present a Masterclass in the simple steps needed to develop a personal “World Class One Page Action Plan”. Delegates will be invited to take part in interactive activities during which their “WHY power”, which is far more powerful than “will power”, will be tested and built.

By the end of the Masterclass delegates will have:

• Clarified their current starting point as a benchmark;

• Identified 3 clear habits and behaviours where they could be more effective

• Discovered their most pressing personal challenge

• Developed a crystal clear personal vision that drives every action

• Established 3 core objectives to enable focused, consistent action

• Set 5 stepping stone goals for each core objective so that distractions are minimised, progress is made and potential is realised

• Created their own personal “World Class One Page Action Plan”

Pete’s Masterclass is an opportunity to lay the foundations for building a more fulfilling business life and focusing on the actions needed that will contribute to personal success. Members are encouraged to take some time out to work not just on their businesses, but also on themselves.


Sunderland-born Pete Wilkinson’s professional career started 18 years ago with senior management roles in retail, including managing 300 people and having P&L responsibility for a £30m business. Pete has also run his own retail business.

He has an MBA from Newcastle Business School and is an IronMan triathlete and long distance cyclist.

Pete is massively passionate about professional people achieving their potential. He developed IronMan Attitude, a professional speaking and workshop consultancy to coach, support and inspire professional individuals and chief executives and managing directors of a range of organisations from micro businesses to a £130m a year engineering and manufacturing company. Naturally, he has implemented the strategies he presents to build his own business.

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