Member Event: Building A Creative Business

14 October 2014, 14:00 - 17:00

Northern Stage, Barras Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear NE1 7RH

Every business is a stage, and all the men and women merely players – we may have used some poetic licence here but there is a strong argument for business learning a lot from the creative arts.

At this event led by Lorne Campbell, the award-winning artistic director of Northern Stage, we are raising the curtain on creativity and showing how it's not an added extra in business but a necessity; not a gift but a skill to be developed.

We'll be asking guests to consider their own role in inspiring creativity and review the performance of their businesses in how they encourage the delivery of good ideas:

‐ The stage - are you providing the right environment for your team to perform creatively? Do they have the space to try great new approaches and bring fresh thinking?
‐ The director - do you and your managers have the skills to lead and bring out the best in your people?
‐ The script - does your cast know their lines? In other words, do they understand your ethos, your brand and how you want the business to come across to your audience?
‐ The main characters - all businesses have them so how do you channel that individuality, energy and off-the-wall thinking?
‐ The back stage staff - they may not be the stars of the show but can be equally creative.
‐ The production - will you deliver on opening night and on budget?
‐ The audience - do you communicate well enough with them, seek their feedback, inspire and delight them so they seek an encore?

Lorne has founded a touring company, directed and educated others during a career in theatre. While creativity is in his DNA, he and additional speakers will share their experiences and, through interactive discussion, look at how creative practice can be transferred to a business context.

Alongside fellow entrepreneurs, we will explore the techniques, methods and thinking that can enable you to come up with good ideas on time, on budget and to order.

So join us for this fascinating chance to shine a spotlight on you and your business to ensure your show will run and run.

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