On-site Visit to Tharsus

with Brian Palmer

2 April 2019, 09:30 - 11:30

Tharsus, Birmayne House, Cowley Road, Blyth NE24 5TF

Engineer and entrepreneur Brian Palmer is CEO of Tharsus, a business he has grown from a small, back street, metal bashing shop, to one of Europe’s fastest growing technology businesses, working in close collaboration with customers including grocery giant Ocado.

Tharsus’ unique business model has seen staff grow tenfold to 270 in the past 10 years and turnover triple to £50m in the past three as it exports advanced machines and robotics designed and built in the Blyth factory to 14 countries worldwide.

Brian, in his words, describes all this as the end of the beginning. Things, he says, are about to get really exciting from here on. And you get a sense of just how exciting when you hear Tharsus’ long term vision: To become the best strategic machine maker on the planet.

So, join us at Tharsus to hear from Brian about their business model, awards recognition and how “aim higher, think wider and work together” will see planetary domination become a distinct reality.

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