Sustainability Insight Group

30 June 2021, 14:00 - 15:30

Delivered via Zoom

Our newly-launched Sustainability Insight Group brings together entrepreneurs who want to harness their businesses for good, balancing purpose and profit to achieve more. This group aims to help you develop pragmatic and clear strategies, supporting you to become a more responsible business.

This group is open to all entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring how being more sustainable within their business can lead to greatness. The discussion is shaped by your views and experience, so while we hope to cover the topic in detail, we may discuss other subjects related to sustainability during the session.

Your sustainability performance is only as strong as your weakest link and so this session will focus on how to go about assessing your supply chain. We will share practical tips on how and why to get started, and what to consider how you can measure the social and environmental impact of your suppliers.

The Small Print - Due to limited capacity our Insight Groups are exclusively for our Entrepreneurial Members.

Please be aware that we may capture screen shots from the event which we use in promoting the services of the Entrepreneurs' Forum. Should you wish to have your image excluded from these images please contact a member of the Forum team.

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