Business Development Insight Group

Changing Customer Relationships in B2B and B2C Markets

13 July 2021, 14:00 - 15:30

Delivered via Zoom

Our newly-launched Business Development Insight Group brings together those interested in, and responsible for, business development activity to exchange ideas, learn leading edge techniques and help one another grow stronger businesses.

In our first session, 'Changing Customer Relationships in B2B and B2C Markets', we’ll be joined by Nevil Tynemouth (New Results), Caroline Moody (Moody Logistics & Storage) and Kevin Johnston (Funky Chunky Furniture) who will share their extensive experiences in Business to Business and Business to Consumer markets.

We'll discuss how consumer/customer behaviour is changing, the influence of social responsibility on business development, the link to behavioural economics and how technology is changing procurement and buying.

The discussion is shaped by your views and experience, so while we hope to cover the topic in detail, we may discuss other subjects related to business development during the session.

About Our Guests

Nevil Tynemouth is an international speaker, author, and co-creator of the psychology of consumer and seller behaviour. His 30 years of commercial acumen and commercial experience from starting and scaling his own business, New Results, means Nevil is ideally placed to give real-world business advice about growing and developing business and people.

Caroline Moody is third generation Group Managing Director for Moody Logistics & Storage a family transport and logistics company established in 1947 by her grandfather and based in Cramlington, Northumberland.

In 2020 Caroline was awarded the Amazon Everywoman Award for Freight Leadership as she strives to champion the cause for Logistics and how this dynamic industry has a huge impact on everyone’s lives and business.

Kevin Johnston is the CEO of Funky Chunky Furniture, a Jarrow-based wood specialist business providing handcrafted solid wood furniture, shelves and beams from environmentally sustainable timber.

The Small Print

Due to limited capacity our Insight Groups are exclusively for our Entrepreneurial Members. Please be aware that we may capture screen shots from the event which we use in promoting the services of the Entrepreneurs' Forum. Should you wish to have your image excluded from these images please contact a member of the Forum team.

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