Webinar: Four Day Working Week

27 April 2022, 09:00 - 10:00

Delivered via Zoom

A hundred years ago, we moved from working six-day work weeks to five and we’re overdue an update.

With 63% of businesses reporting its easier to attract and retain talent with a 4-day work week, we’ve invited Charlotte Lockhart (Managing Director, The 4 Day Week) to share the benefits of a shorter working week, what to consider when making the change and how to bring it to your business.

The 4-day work week is a reduction in the work week from a standard 40 hours to 32 hours for the same pay and benefits. This reduction has been proven to work for employees and their employers with 78% of 4-day-work-week employees reporting they are happier, more productive and less stressed.

COVID-19 transformed the way we all work and made it clear we can find a better balance between work and life. As the war for talent ramps up, the demand for healthier work/life balances increases, and mental wellbeing claims its spot on the top of employer’s agendas, could the 4 day work week be the answer?

About our Speaker:

Charlotte Lockhart is a business advocate, investor and philanthropist with more than 25 years’ experience in multiple industries locally and overseas.

As Managing Director for the 4 Day Week Global campaign, Charlotte works in promoting internationally the benefits of a productivity-focused and reduced-hour workplace. Through this, she is on the board of the newly created Wellbeing Research Centre at Oxford University and the advisory boards of the US campaign and the Ireland campaign for the 4 Day Week.

4 Day Week Global is a not-for-profit community established by Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart to provide a platform for like-minded people who are interested in supporting the idea of the 4 day work week as a part of the future of work. This idea was born out of the waves of attention Andrew and Charlotte received from around the world in reaction to their successful program launched at Perpetual Guardian in 2018.

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